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At the Miami showroom on Friday, January 26, 2024, all trade visitors will receive a tasting booklet with the contact details of all participating wineries, the list of wines and their retail prices.

+ - Grandes Vinos

DO Cariñena

Grandes Vinos is a prominent Spanish winery located in the heart of Aragón, Spain. With a deep-rooted tradition in winemaking and modern, innovative techniques, they produce a diverse range of premium wines that reflect the rich terroir of the region.

Cooperative. Women winemaking team.



Monasterio de las Viñas Reserva 2015 // Monasterio de las Viñas Tinto Joven 2022 // Monasterio de las Viñas Gran Reserva 2016 // Monasterio de las Viñas Old Vine Garnacha 2017 // Anayón Garnacha 2018 // Beso de Vino Syrah & Garnacha 2017 // Beso de Vino Garnacha Blanca 2022 // Beso de Vino Garnacha Rosé 2020.

+ - Bodegas Aragonesas

DO Campo De Borja

Bodegas Aragonesas was founded in 1984, located in Fuendejalon – Zaragoza. Today has the largest concentration of Old Vines Garnacha in the world and also the biggest producer from Campo de Borja (53% of the D.O.).

Limited Company with sustainable and organic wines.



Valdemilanos Garnacha 2022 // Aragus Garnacha Syrah 2022 // Solo Centifolia 2023 // Don Ramón Oak Aged 2021 // Mosaico 2021 // Coto de Hayas Garnacha Centenaria 2022 * // Fagus 2021 // Nabule 2020.

*  Wines with distinction

+ - Bodegas San Alejandro

DO Calatayud

Bodegas San Alejandro was founded in 1962 in Miedes, a privileged location for the culture of the grapevine, the altitude of its vineyards, the rigor of the climate, the slow ripeness of its grapes, the diversity of its soils and multiple singularities composed by its terroir. The winery has grown and evolved supporting always its people, its land and its culture. A culture that BSA promotes in more than 40 countries over the world. Our vineyards are one of the highest ones in Spain situated between 700 am 1100 m. The extreme condition of this site make our harvest unique. The different facilities at the winery make us capable of elaborating a huge range of wines in order to place them around the whole tasting styles in the world.

Cooperative, sustainable, organic wines, vegan wines.



Baltasar Gracián Red 2021 // Baltasar Gracián White 2022 // Baltasar Gracián Rose 2022 // Baltasar Gracián Old Vines 2021 // Baltasar Gracián Old Vines Macabeo 2022 // Marqués de Nombrevilla Red 2022 // Marqués de Nombrevilla BIB 3L 2022 // Viñas de Miedes Frizzante in can NV.

+ - Bodegas San Valero

DO Cariñena

Bodegas San Valero was founded in Cariñena in 1944 and gathered 60 vine growers from this county. Nowadays the winery counts 700 grape growers as active members of the cooperative. Today BSV is considered one the most modern wineries in Cariñena, combining a passion and respect for traditional winemaking with the most modern winemaking techniques which allows its wines to be present in more than 45 countries around the world.




Plano Alto 2019 * // Celsum 2020 * // Particular Garnacha Rose 2022 // Origium Roble 2022 // Origium Garnacha 2022 // Cava Particular Blanc de Noirs.

*  Wines with distinction

+ - Bodega Aitaren Upategia

Getariako Txakolina

We have 4Ha of vineyard, which are between 15 and 20 years old. It is settled above Flysch formation (sedimentary rocks composed by clay over linestone and marl soil) These provides salinity to our txakolis. As a peculiarity, our vineyard is planted in trellis. By this, we achieve that the grape grain gains more maturity with more airing, having less illnesses. The vineyard is predominantly facing southeast, but we have a little area facing north. The Atlantic climate influences us providing wet and rainy atmosphere, but the climate change is providing us more sun hours, and consequently, more mature grapes, which are optimal to produce wine.




Aitaren Txakolina 22 // Lurretik Txakolina 22.

+ - Bodegas Puente de Rus

DO La Mancha / IGP Tierra de Castilla

We are sited in San Clemente since 1945. Today it has modern facilities that, combined with our land and our people, allow us to produce wines creative character. Our soils of varied composition feed the roots of our vineyards and give them their own particularities.




Puente de Rus Sauvignon Blanc 2023 // Puente de Rus Verdejo 2023 // Puente de Rus Syrah 2022 // Puente de Rus Tempranillo 2022 // Puente de Rus Crianza 2019 // Pontevs 2020 // Pontevs Chardonnay 2022 // Colmillo de Lobo 2020.

+ - Medrano Irazu

Bodegas Medrano

DO Ca Rioja

Founded by Luis Medrano in 1984, the winery is located at the foot of the Sierra de Cantabria, where clay-calcareous soils benefit from the confluence of opposite climates, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Most of the vineyards are located over 600 meters of altitude. Now, Luis’ son Amador focuses on single vineyard wines.

  • Respect for the enviroment
  • Great value for money being Rioja Alavesa
  • 3 different ranges for all publics and all pockets

Environmentally friendly.



Amador Medrano Terra 2019 // Amador Medrano Aguzaderas 2018 // Amador Medrano Tempranillo Blanco 2021 // Choza Crianza 2019 // Choza Reserva 2018 // Medrano Irazu Blanco 2021.

+ - Hacienda Albae

Hacienda Albae

IGP Castilla

The winery is located next to the vineyard in a unique terroir. Of sandy loam origin and over a gigantic aquifer that allows us to control very precisely the hydric stress of the plant and the perfect state of maturation of the grapes. This allows us to produce wines with a lot of personality and character.

Family winery making organic viticulture and wines.



H. Albae Viognier 2023 // H. Albae Chardonnay 2020 // H. Albae Malbec 2021 // H. Albae Cabernet 2020 // Diablar.

+ - Roqueta Origen

DO Pla de Bages / DO Terra Alta

Roqueta Origen is the familiar group property of Roqueta family. The family origins date back to the XII Century in Masia Roqueta; since then the knowledge, the know-how and the love for the wine has been transfered to the following generations.

Family owned and run.



LaFou El Sender 2020 * // LaFou Els Amelers 2022 * // Massaluca Garnatxa Negra & Samsó 2022 * // Abadal Picapoll 2022.

*  Wines with distinction

+ - Bodegas Murviedro

DO Valencia, DO Utiel-Requena, DO Alicante, DO Cava

Bodegas Murviedro was founded in 1927 as the Spanish subsidiary of the Swiss Schenk Group, one of the leading European companies in the wine sector. The company remains owned by the same family and maintains the values of a family-run company, while being professionally managed.

Family owned and run.



Vallejo Avenas Chardonnay 2021 * // Cañada la Torre Malvasía 2022 // CV05 Cabernet Sauvignon 2021 * // Finca El Serrano Monastrell 2021 * // Sericis Cepas Viejas Bobal 2019 * // Sericis Cepas Viejas Monastrell 2018 * // Murviedro Arts De Luna Organic Brut * // Murviedro Arts De Luna Organic Brut Rosé *.

*  Wines with distinction

+ - Txakoli Katalin Iturzaeta

Katalin Iturzaeta

Getariako Txakolina

Txakoli Katalin Iturzaeta is family owned since it was established in 1898 by my great grandmother Katalin.The grapes are grown on south-facing slopes of Aitako, at a height of 60 metres above sea level, just a few kilometres from the Cantabrian Sea. With most of the vines over 100 years old, it is considered one of the best plots in Getaria.

Family owned, woman founder.



Katalin Iturzaeta Vintage 2021 // Katalin Iturzaeta Vintage 2022.

+ - European Garnacha Grenache

European Garnacha Grenache Quality Wines

“European Garnacha Grenache Quality Wines” program is the result of the excellent cooperation between Spain and France to promote Garnacha Grenache wines and educate about its origin, history, European quality schemes and the main characteristics of this unique grape. The program gathers the highest quality wines from the major PDO and PGI where most Garnacha grape is concentrated; a unique occasion to know and taste some of the best Garnacha quality wines from Europe.


PDO Cariñena

It is an area with a long wine tradition that flourished under the protection of monasteries during the Middle Ages, but where some type of alcoholic beverage (probably mead) was already elaborated in the 3rd century BC. C., before being known by the Romans as Carae. Wine is the primary industry in Cariñena, which ranks six in export volume among Spain’s wine regions. While the region lends its name to the Cariñena grape, red Garnacha is much more prominent, making up 55% of vineyards.
Long regarded as a volume producer of red Garnacha, Cariñena is experiencing a quality revolution, with a dramatic increase in the production of bottled wines.

PDO Campo de Borja

The Campo de Borja P.D.O. treasures among its wines authentic jewels in which the “Garnacha” variety reaches its full splendor. These single-varietal red wines are enjoying worldwide prestige for their well-defined personality, quality, and complexity, which make them unique in the world.
If any nuance defines the wines of Campo de Borja, it is their unique balance, a product of the rich contrast present in the area and the firm will to combine modernity and tradition in intense wines, with clear fruity aromas, energy, and personality.

PDO Calatayud

A diverse and extreme terroir, pierced by the tributaries of the Ebro: vineyards that stretch across the valley, climb the foothills, and almost touch the sky. Our unique character is the result of men and women who have been making wine for as long as anyone can remember, adapting to an extreme land forged by sun and ice.
The orographic and climatological diversity of our valleys, foothills and peaks facilitates the production of a wide range of wines, among which the reds made from the red Garnacha variety stand out. Modern technologies have expanded the possibilities of elaboration and the improvement of their qualities, resulting in a new generation of young reds, rosés and whites that respond to current market demands with the particular seal of the Calatayud PDO.

+ - Adega Tear

Adega Tear

DO Ribeira Sacra

Founded in 1979, this family winery is located in the heart of the Ribeira Sacra, in the canyons of Rio Sil, where “heroic viticulture” is carried out on plots with slopes of over 40% located on the slopes of the Sil between the Amandi and Chanteiro regions.

Heroic viticulture.



Tear // Tear Selección // Capador Barrica // Emma Rosado // Godello Don Nilo.

+ - Marco Real

DO Navarra

At Marco Real we pursue a single goal: to make top quality ‘parcel wines’ that showcase the links between the soil and the personality of great wines. Wines that combine aromas, complexity and longevity in harmony.

Family owned and run.



Homenaje roble ENJOY 2022 // Torre del Homenaje Garnacha Roble 2022 // Homenaje Rosado 2022 // Marco Real Pequeñas Producciones Chardonnay 2022 // Marco Real Crianza Colección Privada 2019 // Marco Real Reserva de Familia 2019 // Marco Real Albariño 2022 // Finca La Pared Graciano 2019 // Cava Arlene 2022 // Vermut Goya 2022.

+ - Cava Rovellats

Cava Rovellats

DO Cava

Third gerneration winery, located in the Penedès region. Typical grape varieties for cava: Parellada, Macabeo and Xarel.lo

Family owned and organic viticulture.



Premier Brut Nature 2020// Imperial Reserva Brut 2019 // Imperial Reserva Rose Brut 2019 // Original Gran Reserva Brut Nature 2017 // Masia Segle XV Gran Reserva 2013.

+ - Bodegas Peñafiel

DO Ribera del Duero

Each one of our bottles contains a little fragment of our land. The air texture, the intense colors, the summer’s hot dry crackling, and the winter’s humid smell that repose at the vineyards. A combination of unique sensations collected by the oenologist to bear a great and personal wine.

Family owned and run.



La Casa de las Locas Albariño 2022 // Cuenta ovejas // Mironia Black Edition 2019.

+ - HIKA Bodega

Hika Bodega

DO Txakoli de Getaria

HIKA® Basque Fine Wines are “more than Txakoli’s”. Our entry level starts with lees aging for a minimum of 10 months, a range of 6 wines under the Basque DOP, Getariako Txakolina. Family owned, sustainable and avoiding oxidisation with the Oresteo and Inertis systems.

100% Sustainable.



Basque White Wine 2022 // Bilduma Basque White Wine Lees Aged 26m+ 2020 // B119 Basque Barrel Fermented White Wine 2019.

+ - Bodegas Pinoso

Bodegas Pinoso

DOP Alicante

Alicante’s largest and oldest organic viticultural producer; Bodegas Pinoso. It is over 90 years old. There is a total of 1050ha of vineyards and 250 members. 520ha are certified organic and producing vegan friendly wines.

Organic Viticulture / Vegan



Diapiro Roble 2022 // Vermador Barrica 2022 // Almorquí Tinto 2022.

+ - Bodega Tintoralba

DO Almansa

Bodega Tintoralba is located in the heart of the D.O Almansa. Its main variety is Garnacha Tintorera, and it has more than 1,700 hectares, which are used to produce high-quality wines from this variety.

Family owned and organic viticulture.



Cerro Del Buey 2022 // Piedras Coloradas 2022 // Tintoralba Selección 2018 // Tintoralba Ecológico Selección 2020 // Tintoralba White 2022 // Tintoralba Red 2022 // Tintoralba Rosé 2022 // Tintoralba Roble 2021.

+ - Leo&Niné Wines

DO Somontano

LEO & NINÉ WINES is a young family-owned winery located in Estadilla (Huesca) and belonging to the Somontano DOP, whose objective is to make different and ground-breaking wines that stand out for their freshness and casual style.

Family owned and run.



Vivette 2022 // Crush 2022 // Compartir Young 2022 // Compartir Roble 2021.

+ - Familia Martínez Bujanda

DOCa Rioja / DO La Mancha / DO Rueda / Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla

Five wineries make up Familia Martínez Bujanda: Finca Valpiedra (DOCa Rioja), Finca Antigua (DO Mancha), Finca Montepedroso (DO Rueda), Viña Bujanda (DOCa Rioja) and Cosecheros y Criadores(IGP Castilla), all of them with a common denominator: the production of wines from their own vineyards, located in privileged enclaves.

Family owned and run.



Finca Montepedroso 2022 // Finca Antigua Viura 2022 // Finca Antigua Crianza Único 2018 // Infinitus Carbernet Sauvignon 2022 // Infinitus Syrah 2022 // Finca Antigua Tempranillo 2020 // Viña Bujanda Crianza 2020 // Finca Valpiedra Reserva 2016.

+ - Bodegas Piqueras

DO Almansa

Bodegas Piqueras has been a family winery for over 100 years, currently being looked after by the 4th generation of winemakers, oenologists and winegrowers. We make quality wines, with native grapes such as Garnacha Tintorera and Monastrell, from the DO Almansa area. Our lands are located around the Castle of Almansa, with vines that are up to 90 years old that produce grapes high in concentration and quality, perfect for making unique and highly expressive red and white wines.

Family owned and run.



Castillo Almansa Roble 2022 * // Castillo de Almansa Reserva 2020 * // Piqueras WFV Verdejo 2023 * // Piqueras OVG Garnacha Tintorera 2021 * // Los Losares Monastrell 2020 *.

*  Wines with distinction

+ - Bodegas Tarón

Bodegas Tarón

D.O. Tierra Alta

We are the northernmost winery in Rioja Alta offering wines with freshness and best acidity. We own 700 ha of vineyards in four small towns: Cuzcurrita, Tirgo, Sajazarra and Villaseca. A multi-awarded range from basic range to premium aged wines.

Cooperative, woman winemaker.



Taron Blanco 2022 * // Taron Reserva 2016 * // Taron Tempranillo Blanco 2021 * // Taron 4M 2020 * // Taron Crianza 2019 * // Taron Cepas Centenarias 2019 * // Territorio Taron 2017 * // Finca Zabaleta 2019 *.

*  Wines with distinction

+ - Bodegas Bocopa

DO Ribera del Duero

Date of Foundation: 1987
Production and commercialization of bottled wines both conventional and organic as well as liqueursand noble wines.




Laudum XII Plus 2019 * // Alcanta Tinto 2022 * // Alcanta Crianza 2020 – $9.99 // Marina Espumante Rose N/V * // Laudum Roble 2022 * // Marina Alta 2023 * // Fuego Lento Monastrell Secano Extremo 2020 * // Laudum Pasas De Monastrell 2021.

*  Wines with distinction

+ - Bodegas Fabio Coullet

DOP Sierras de Málaga

A project within where the wines are created in conjunction with the land, authoctonous varieties and people who have protected this territory, its grapes and its customs through times.

Family owned winery.



Secuencial // Villazo // Ingenito // Orange Peels // Romé-Conte // Hereditas // Vermouth.

+ - Bodegas Vicente Gandia

DO Utiel Requena / DO Cava / DO Valencia / DO Alicante / DO Rioja / DO Ribera de Duero /DO Rías Baixas / DO Organic – Vegan / DO VDLTCyL

Since 1885 Vicente Gandia has been producing award winning wines. A sustainable winery, the fourth generation Gandia family has continued to produce wines of great quality, and tremendous value.

Since 1885, fourth generation family run winery. We are certified as both a sustainable, and organic winery.



Ceramic Monastrell aged in Oak, and Clay tinaja * // VG Bobal Negro Red // VG Bobal Rose // VG Bobal Blanco White // Hoya de Cadenas Cava Brut NV // Hoya de Cadenas Reserva Tempranillo // Raiza Rioja Reserva Tempranillo // Uva Pirata Garnacha Red.

*  Wines with distinction

+ - Bodegas Manzanos

DO Ca Rioja / DO Navarra / DO Ribera del Duero / DO Cava

Bodegas Manzanos gives its name to the group of wineries that best represent the identity of the family Fernández de Manzanos. There are three wineries: Azagra and Haro in appellation Rioja and Campanas in appellation Navarra. In these wineries, the young team of the fifth generation of the family elaborate the quality wines that are acclaimed worldwide. Its quality is determined by its origin: their own vineyards.

Family owned and run, sustainable, organic wines



Manzanos Reserva D.O.CA Rioja 2018 // Siglo Saco Tempranillo D.O.CA Rioja NV // Voche Graciano D.O.CA Rioja 2017 // Berceo D.O. CAVA NV // Berceo Roble D.O. Ribera del Duero 2021 // Berceo Crianza D.O.CA Rioja 2019 // Manzanos Aniversario Reserva D.O.CA Rioja – 2009.

+ - Bodegas Obergo

D.O. Somontano / D.O. Rioja

Obergo is an old grenache vineyard recuperation project in the northernmost part of Aragon, on the Pyrinees mountains. The first vineyards started to be harvested again in the 90s and the winery was established in 2003. Developing recently a new boutique winery in Rioja.

Family owned and run.



Caramelos de Obergo 2022 * // Lágrimas de Obergo 2023 * // Sueños de Obergo 2023 // Obergo Garnacha 2019 * // Obergo Parcelario 2017 * // Antiqua Old vines Grenache 2017 * // Valdegarú (Rioja) 2021 *.

*  Wines with distinction

+ - Bodegas Comenge

D.O. Ribera del Duero

EU Organic certified family owned winery located on the Golden Mile of the Ribera del Duero. Our triple manual selection and our worldwide patented fermentation process combined with use of the best French Oak
barrels results in worldclass elegant yet complex Tempranillo based wines.

Family owned, organic, sustainable.




Comenge Verdejo 2022 // Comenge Biberius 2022 // Comenge Origen 2019 // Comenge Familia 2018 // Don Miguel Comenge 2018.

+ - FoobeSpain

D.O. La Mancha / D.O. León / D.O. Cava / IGP Bajo Aragón

We are the export department of Spanish wineries from different regions and the most representative appellations of the country. We have a very complete catalog with a diversity of varieties, types of wine and price ranges.


Family winery that defends the area’s original grapes and sustainable excellence in the creation of wines and cavas in limited productions, only the best of each vintage.



Cava N°1 2021 // Bobal en Calma 2020.

The Gordonzello vineyards are part of a unique natural setting; the terroir and specific microclimatic conditions are ideal for the development of a grape with great personality.



Peregrino Albarín 2022 // Peregrino Tinto joven Prieto Picudo 2022.

Lagar D’Amprius was born with the aim of obtaining very fresh and fruity wines that express the characteristics of the grapes, the territory and the climate. Some unique, surprising and representative wines from Bajo Aragón.



Garnacha joven Lagar D’Amprius 2021 // Lagar D’Amprius Garnacha 12 meses 2019.

Family winery that has 86 hectares of its own from which a current wine profile and limited production is produced. The family is present throughout the entire process and thanks to this they manage to create an exclusive wine.



Tempranillo joven Vega Demara 2022 // Tempranillo Crianza Vega Demara 2017.


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